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The quick intro: My name is Lisa. I am a wife and stay-at-home, home-schooling mom to three amazing, loving and ornery children.

Our gluten free journey started after a stomach bug.  Our then 13-month old daughter stopped digesting her food, soiled her diapers six times a day, and stopped growing.

Refusing to accept “Chronic Toddler Diarrhea” as a diagnosis and just letting it “run its course” for 6 months, and reminded of my nephew’s scary Celiac diagnosis (or lack thereof for a long time), I started her on a gluten free diet at 17 months old.

Her tummy and digestive issues disappeared, literally overnight.  In a little over a month, she gained 4-1/2 pounds and grew two inches in height!

After some private genetic testing, we now know that three of us have a Celiac gene and all five of us are gluten intolerant.  All five of us have benefitted from the gluten free diet.  Along the way, we have experimented with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and Paleo Diet to further heal her gut and have discovered some intolerances and an enzyme issue along the way, but have been able to cure all of our eczema issues in the process, as well.

As a mom who wants only the best for her children and their health, part of that is knowing what goes into their food and ultimately their bodies.  I am constantly cooking for them and with them.  My hope is that they grow up knowing what is good for them and that healing can happen through food and taking care of themselves is the best way to honor their amazing bodies.  Oh yeah… and that gluten free food can taste amazing too!

I started Gluten Free Dairy Free Recipes as a place to share my favorite dishes that my family loves to eat. I hope you enjoy the food as much as we do! If you’d like to get free recipes delivered to your inbox on a regular basis, just sign up in the box below! Thanks again for visiting, and best of luck on your gluten free journey!

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