Sugar Free Lemonade (Calorie-Free too!)

DSC 0018 1024x725 Sugar Free Lemonade (Calorie Free too!)

Does the juice of a lemon have calories? I didn’t think so. If it does, my apologies, but either way this nice twist to water, which we apparently are supposed to drink a lot of, is easy to whip up, refreshing and yummy and won’t make you fat. icon smile Sugar Free Lemonade (Calorie Free too!) I am so excited for spring and summer to get here! I am celebrating its arrival with this yummy Sugar Free Lemonade.
Water (sometimes I fill up a 24 oz. glass, but if you use less it will obviously taste less watered down) \
the juice of one lemon
1 packet of Truvia, or stevia of your choice
Fill a glass with water. Cut a lemon in half or quarters and squeeze the juice into the water. Pour the packet of stevia into the water. Stir.
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